some questions for my fellow queers living in the south

  1. do you wonder if you’re not passing well enough?
  2. do you wonder if you should wear heels and lipstick more often?
  3. do you internally scream that you would be passing if you lived in san francisco or new york?
  4. do you wonder if that’s the reason you didn’t get the grant?
  5. do you wonder what the church ladies say about you when they go home?
  6. do you think about the people who would shun you if they knew?
  7. do you try to look respectable knowing no part of you is respectable?
  8. do you feel bitter resentment when your colleague introduces himself as a “husband and a father”?
  9. do you wonder if you will be received just as well if you introduce yourself as “unmarried, childless, and prone to relationship anarchy”?
  10. do you prefer to stay home alone rather than be exhausted by the heteronormativity of your social environment?
  11. do you kiss your lover in public?
  12. do men watch you when you do?
  13. are they armed?
  14. have you found love here?
  15. have you given up on finding love here?
  16. do you think you’ll find love here?
  17. do you think you can survive without love?