the dallas way

as i prepare to leave for the east coast, this is my parting poem to the texangelena condition.

the dallas way is committees.

the dallas way is “if we don’t talk about it, it will just go away”.

the dallas way is “let’s only talk about it and not do anything to make it go away”.

the dallas way is “how dare you talk about it”. 

the dallas way is the problem with marginalized communities is not their structural marginalization but their lack of love and compassion, clearly. 

the dallas way is did you know richard spencer grew up in highland park?

the dallas way is if you want to punch a white supremacist but don’t know where to find one, join some neighborhood groups in gentrified areas.

the dallas way is an “arts mayor” who lacks the visual literacy to expedite removing confederate monuments.

the dallas way is abrahamic faith leaders with god complexes.

the dallas way is thousands of people showing up for slain officers, pussy hats, and charlottesville, and only hundreds showing up for a slain 15-year-old black boy from balch springs.

the dallas way is hugging police officers at protests.

the dallas way is “all lives matter”.

the dallas way is sundays in the park that oil built.

the dallas way is putting you in a straitjacket and punishing you for pointing out that you’re in a straitjacket.

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