For the past year, I’ve struggled with the ways in which Texas, and Dallas in general, understands issues of cultural production, social justice, and movement building. My only reference for these issues has been my six years residing in Los Angeles, and I’m sure everyone I know is tired of me talking about “well in Los Angeles…”.

It’s not that I think that the grass is particularly greener, but that the grass is of a different genus depending on the climate where it’s located. I also think that it’s difficult to impossible to grow certain species of grass in certain climes. And yet I see enormous similarities between Southern California and Texas; namely, the way both places have to negotiate with the presence of the U.S. Mexico border. Migratory bridges from California to Texas are beginning to form due to rapid gentrification in California, and result in accelerated gentrification of Texas cities, lending global, national, and local nuance to the dual processes of migration and displacement.

And thus this is an attempt to think about the migration of cultural production between places, to articulate a sense of the cultural production happening in both places, and to build a bridge in which thought can travel from one place to another.